911 Fashion was founded in 2001 in order to introduce luxury fashion brands to the Israeli market. The company's core business is representing high fashion and unique brands from all over the world, and to successfully penetrate the Israeli market. 50% of the company is owned by subsidiary of Federmann Enterprises, one of the biggest privately owned groups of the Israeli market.Over the years, 911 Fashion accumulated exclusive representations of some of the leading and most interesting fashion shoes and apparel brands worldwide. Every brand represented by 911 Fashion, was selected carefully according to various factors, including market position, brand philosophy, uniqueness, logistics, communication and pricing system. 911 Fashion operates a showroom in the center of Tel-Aviv, in which it presents every brand separately during the sales period. Customers from all around the country attend the showroom on a regular basis.
The company gained the reputation as a market leader, thanks to the powerful group of brands, its ability to identify fashion trends and to recognize the most interesting brands right before their breakthrough.
911 Fashion owns and operates 8 multi-brand shops in Israel, located in the most important shopping
areas of the market. The company intends to extend the chain of stores under the name STORY.
911 Fashion specializes in nationwide distribution of fashion brands, and deals with all top accounts in every prime location in Israel. The variety of the brands enables the company to reach a wide range of customers and to control different levels of the market. Among our customers are the best independent boutiques and designer stores, fashion chains, denim stores, multibrand stores and department stores. The common denominator of all our customers as well as the brands we represent is their unique concept and fashion philosophy. All together, the company currently sells to over 200 points of sell.
911 Fashion deals with all aspects of marketing and distribution: Orders, PR, POS materials, repair service, payment collection, transportation, advertisement and more.

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