• The company has more than 16 years of experience in the international fashion field; Building the right brand portfolio, wholesale, retail, online and a self production line. 911 Fashion has earned the reputation for its ability to reach great results in terms of performance and sales.
  • Target Market – 911 Fashion reaches mainly ages 24-55, fashion oriented, design appreciative and technically savvy people, composed of 60% women, 40% men. The company’s resources allow it to offer various products in multiple categories and a wide price range.
  • Fair Game – 911 Fashion has a high social responsibility and is committed to fair trade. As part of the social activity, the company supports women leaving prostitution and operates educational courses. These guide lines create a more ethical work environment. Moreover, many of the brands represented by 911 Fashion carry strong social agendas and a high environmental awareness including eco-friendly, organic, sustainable fashion products, Such as: Nudie Jeans, Veja, Toms, S’well Bottle etc.
  • Creative Team – 911 Fashion’s has an in-house design studio, that deals with all aspects of visuals and appearance; from graphic design, ads and campaigns to window displays, showroom displays, visual Merchandise, packaging and more.
    Also, 911 FASHION deals with all aspects of marketing: PR, advertisement, content management, social media, special launches&events etc. Thanks to this talented team, 911 FASHION is able to make dreams come true – produce original creative art and create a unique and whole experience.