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911 Fashion is a market leader, distribution and retail company, who represents exclusively more than 86 international brands in the Israeli market, all of them in the fashion & lifestyle categories. the company was founded in 2001 in order to introduce leading international brands to the Israeli market.

911 Fashion operates a nationwide wholesale distribution center, and a self-owned retail chain, under the name 'STORY'. Our retail fleet consists of ​30 boutiques, all of them located in top prime locations +​ ​an online store (

The strong brands that represent 911 Fashion are not only fashion forward ​but also have added value coming from their philosophy, agenda and the story behind them.


Our Vision

To connect with the best brands & people in the lifestyle industry, which understand the power of their creation and relate to their brands as media for the correct values and agendas combined with the best esthetics. Be their best ambassadors and storytellers to serve the consumer community that desires and appreciates the essence perception these brands and people represent. Create a microcosmos of a work environment that gives full respect and confidence to our team. Enable them to grow, express themselves, be independent humans and enjoy their professional life.Use the power of our entity to improve whatever we can in our society.


Our Mission

911 fashion is on a non-stop journey, to introduce and promote leading responsible fashion brands to the Israeli market. We know our community is expecting us to choose right and make sure the brands we carry stand for much more than "just" beautiful collections. We are fully committed to each of the brands we represent, making sure they stand out, are widely recognized, and that their story is told in a way that captures their DNA.

Our Story

We are Storytellers. Since the very beginning, 911 fashion has been on the hunt for conscious brands in the international fashion arena. The common ground of all these brands is the use of their design, voice and influence to promote eco-friendly, fair trade and responsible fashion. We see ourselves as a full partner of each of these unique brands, and are committed to telling their story, and promoting our shared values.

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