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Seeing the future

not in a spooky kind of way... Our staff travels the world to find first hand success stories, making sure we are not just up to date but ahead of the next big thing.

Building Brands

A comprehensive learning process, from A to Z, allows our team to identify each brand’s specific target market and DNA in order to make sure it will get the right positioning. Our group of brands are in the forefront of the global fashion industry, and we are proud to tell their story.

Outstanding design and Creativity

The shopping experience one receives when entering our stores is of a holistic visit through music, scent, service and product. Story is famously known for it’s standout design, whether it is that of the store front, the window display, the visual merchandise and the packaging. Thanks to our talented in-house design studio, we are able to make dreams come true and create a unique Lifestyle experience.  Over the years, Story has built a strong reputation in this arena, and has accumulated a fan base looking forward every season to see what visual surprises we come up with next.

Best in Class philosophy

We just love to be the BEST.

Work hard - Have fun

We think this is the right way to do it...  trying to find the balance between hard work and good spirit. We are not taking ourselves too seriously and wish to be driven not only by power but by motivation for new and exciting things - that may (or may not) work.

Do Good

It’s not only that we represent brands who are giving extra attention to added values, we are ALL IN as a company as well! We are proud to use our power to spread humanity and good Karma. We have been a part of the founding team of HERACADEMY, a nonprofit organization which aims to help women step out of the prostitution world, and build a new life for themselves

We Give A Damn

From the very beginning, the 911 fashion band portfolio was the right cursor for those who not only cared about fine products, but brought a strong and clear agenda with them!

We are committed to our community to represent responsible brands and raise awareness about the second most polluted industry in the world! WE GIVE A DAMN!

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